Care For Your Hair

* When combing/brushing hair use a wide-tooth comb or a good vent brush.

* Always brush/comb hair from bottom working your way to the top, be sure to support the attachment.

* Comb/brush hair before shampooing.

* Use a very good quality conditioning shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, for this will help your extensions to last a long time. If the shampoo also has moisturizer that’s even better.

* Shampoo and condition hair gently in one direction.

* Always brush/comb hair after washing while still wet to avoid tangling.

* When sleeping put hair in a bun or braid hair and use a silk or satin scarf to cover your hair.

* Do not sleep with hair wet.

* Do not use oils or products with oil base for this might weigh down the hair and could also cause cuticles to stick and invert.

* Because our hair is 100% Virgin Remy Hair we recommend when coloring your hair extensions you have it done by a professional for they will know how to lift and deposit color properly to avoid over processing.

Treat it like your own because it is!