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14 inch U-Tip 25G Straight Extensions

Style: 14 inch U-Tip 25G Straight Extensions

Hair Riah’s U-Tip Indian Straight hair extensions is ideal for all hair types and are pre-tipped with keratin and are applied to the client by use of a hot hair extension iron - This hair is 100% Virgin Indian Hair donated by devotees in the temples of India - Each U-Tip comes with 25 Strands (1 g per strand = 25 g / 0.88 OZ) - Hair Riah’s Virgin Remy human hair is known as the finest elite quality human hair - It's stronger, healthier and less likely to tangle than the ordinary human hair because the cuticle is still intact - It gives you the option to cut, curl, straighten or dyed just like your own hair - Shop 'Customize your Order' to colour your U-Tip Fusions.


U-Tip 25G Straight Extensions

$79.99 USD