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Anesha testimonial for hairriah
5-Star Lashes! I absolutely love these lashes. I’ve always been hesitant to use lashes because they always seemed so difficult to put on, throughout last year I tried multiple lashes and Hair Riah Lashes are by far my favourite. They don’t look cheap or fake, they have a natural look to them. They were easy to put on and, my favourite part, so easy to clean! I bought the set of 4 and I have a look for every occasion. (Pictured attached is my glamour look for a company Christmas party, starring the Elegance lashes)
Mon 07 Jan 2019
Krystal testimonial for hairriah
Where do I start.....Hair Riah has been providing me with extensions for many years. The customer service is exceptional, Tashauna and staff treat you like VIP. My hair is always beautifully packaged and delivered on time. My bundles are always full and almost no shedding . I am a forever customer and you should be too !!!
Wed 12 Dec 2018
Karen testimonial for hairriah
I just wanted to say how IN LOVE I am with my hair from hairriah. I have officially converted. Everywhere everyone compliments my hair. The biggest test was my recent vacation. I was not disappointed. I was swimming in the ocean and in the pool... no tangles .. no worries .. no problems. Thank you for making me feel and look like a mermaid hairriah Love your newest fan Karen
Fri 07 Dec 2018
Caitlin testimonial for hairriah
I often use lashes for photoshoots. Usually the ones I have bought in the past are too heavy to stay on, or are too heavy on my eyes making me blink often and irritate my eyes. Hair Riah’s lashes are very light height and more comfortable to wear. I love how long the length is as well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for long lasting, light weight lashes.
Sun 19 Aug 2018
Sarah testimonial for hairriah
These lashes are so long lasting and just gorgeous, I get compliments all the time. Definitely will be purchasing lashes from Hair Riah again.
Wed 21 Feb 2018
Alexandra testimonial for hairriah
Hair Riah Eyelashes are on my top list of lashes that I have ever worn. They come in cute and simple packaging and the product looks exactly as it is displayed online. They quality is undeniable as I have worn many different types of eyelashes in the past. They are light weight and flawless. You don’t even feel as if you are wearing eyelashes no matter how dramatic the lash may be. The lash band is very flexible unlike other cheap lash which helps for an easier application. This is a product that I will be buying and continue to support!
Mon 19 Feb 2018
Racquel testimonial for hairriah
Hair Riah eyelashes and extensions are a 10 for me! Hair longevity is still amazing. I’ve had this hair since November and have used it multiple times, I’ve even coloured it and the hair elasticity is still strong. As for eyelash strips, I usually purchase them from the beauty supply outlet and it would last me 3-4 uses but Hair Riah eyelash strips have served me up to 10 uses without shedding a single lash. Best hair and eyelashes I’ve purchased this far!
Sun 18 Feb 2018
Nicole testimonial for hairriah
Mi felt like a real diva with my Hair Riah mink lashes. These lashes are absolutely flawless. The install process was short and sweet. They definitely gave me that wow factor for my day to day look. I found these lashes to be very natural looking, as some of my friends and family thought they were individual strand lashes. I would definitely wear these lashes again and I love the minimal level maintenance that they required. Happy lashes Hair Riah Divas :)
Sun 11 Feb 2018
Ashley testimonial for hairriah
In early 2017, I wore Hair Riah’s Sex on the Beach lashes. At first I was hesitant: I had never worn lashes before. The beauty of Hair Riah products, for me, was the natural appearance of the lashes themselves. My friends wore them and looked amazing. I was shocked at how natural looking they appeared once on. They were high quality and did exactly what I wanted them to do: bring out my eyes. I would recommend Hair Riah lashes to anyone.
Tue 23 Jan 2018
Stephanie testimonial for hairriah
I absolutely love my Party Girl Cosmopolitan lashes from Hair Riah. I love the fact Hair Riah lashes are made out of real hair. The lashes are full, soft and reusable.
Fri 19 Jan 2018
Damilola testimonial for hairriah
I received the Alluring Ellegance lashes at one of Hair Riah‘s social event. I must say the lashes applied on my eyes like a dream!! The lashes fits my eyes shape so nicely that I did not have to cut, or trim it. Alluring Ellegance lashes creates a natural yet dramatic look to my makeup which I absolutely love!!
Wed 10 Jan 2018
Alexandra testimonial for hairriah
I purchased two bundles of hair to make clip ins and was very successful in doing so and still had left overs! The hair is very thick from root to tip and matched my real hair with ease. I am very impressed with my results and will definitely be coming back for more!
Thu 16 Nov 2017
Sandra testimonial for hairriah
I have had the same hair for 4 years now. I have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Florida and much more places in the South. My hair still looked fabulous even after the extreme heat, salty waters and sand. My hair always gets complimented everywhere I go; people are shocked when I tell them how long I've had the hair for. I have purchased hair from many different places but was never able to use the hair extensions for a long period of time. I usually dispose of the extensions because they did not last long. I definitely get my money's worth from this hair and I am still using it to this day!
Tue 23 May 2017
Aboila testimonial for hairriah
I've purchased two bundles from the ice collection that I had in for a little over 2 months and the quality of this hair is amazing. After every wash, I felt as if the hair was renewed, the curls looked great after every wash. Even when I straightened the hair it didn't get frizzy, and it was straight with just a couple passes of the flat iron. I really enjoyed the hair because of how it reverted from straight to curly effortlessly with no damage done to the curls. In terms of shedding I found that there was little to none. In the future, I will definitely be purchasing some more hair from Hair Riah because I'm very impressed and I feel as if I got my money’s worth.
Wed 12 Apr 2017
Faith testimonial for hairriah
I've been wearing my Hair Riah 20”, 20” and 22” body wave for nearly 3 months now and I can truly say this is the best hair ever! I've tried a ton of Ali express vendors where I found a lot of bad quality hair and some were decent quality. However, Hair Riah is some top-notch quality. I'm more of a lazy person who doesn't do much to my hair. I literally go days without running a comb throw my hair, and it stays tangle free, moisturized & the curls are still bouncy and fresh. The natural curl pattern is phenomenal. Not to mention, it takes a beautiful curl from a wand and gets bone straight with a straightener. The best part is, once I hop in the shower and wet it .. my waves come right back! This hair sheds but not a lot, I can honestly say it sheds about 2-3 strands every other day. Which is impressive if you ask me. I love my hair Riah hair and so do other people. I literally get compliments on my hair every time I leave my house. I most definitely will be Hair Riah life time customer.
Tue 21 Feb 2017

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