About Our Vision

Remy hair is said to be the best type of hair extensions available. Out of the entire human hair category, Remy hair gives the most natural appearance. It is the preferred choice for wigs and hairpieces because of its appealing qualities. It is also referred to as cuticle hair, virgin hair and raw hair.

Women love to play, reinvent themselves, switch personalities, be  mysterious, reserve there sexy natures or sophisticated. Having fun is a way of life, being different, a game. Most of all every women wants to look beautiful, feel desirable and radiant confidence.


Hair has been every women's delight and every man's obsession, long hair, short hair, hair that's formally styled or hair that flow's. Ever style tells a personal story every women is a natural artist. Her hair is her canvas, straight, curly, wavy, long, short, blonde or brunette, the only limit is her imagination. For year's designers, photographers and stylists have been incorporating hair extensions into their runway shows, and photo spreads. It became the norm to hear of celebrities as well as everyday women wearing hair extensions. Yet the market was being flooded by inferior quality product. 

Not all hair extensions are created equally... you usually get what you pay for. 
Hair Riah believes that our customers deserve nothing but the best, we put ourselves in their shoes and researched how to make sure our customers get the best value for their money. We discovered that substandard processes and unethical practices in the hair industry not only prevent good quality hair from reaching the end users. 

To prevent this from happening to our customers, we decided to manage our hair supply chain ourselves- from securing the hair and delivering it right into your hands. We can proudly say that our products are 110% HAIR RIAH GUARANTEE. All our products distributed globally adhering to the highest possible operation standards.

Our hard work in creating and delivering high quality hair products through world-class environmentally friendly procedures is rewarded in the form of our thousands of happy customers.

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